Organics and Composting in Philadelphia

Organics and Composting in Philadelphia

Grape Leaf

Visit the Philly Compost site for the most comprehensive information about composting in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, the City currently does not collect compostable material curbside. However, they DO collect leaves and yard waste during the fall. (See below.)

Leaf Collection

The Philly Bagged Leaf Drive occurs every fall. During this six-week program, the Philadelphia Streets Department will collect and compost leaves. Only bagged leaf collection will be offered to Philadelphia residents receiving City collection of trash and recycling materials.

Collection guidelines for bagged leaf collection:


  • Bag leaves in brown paper biodegradable bags, which can be purchased at most major hardware or home improvement stores.
  • Set leaf bags out next to trash and recyclables on trash day.


  • Bag leaves in plastic bags. Any leaves in plastic bags will be collected as trash.
  • Mix trash and leaves.

Leaves in brown paper biodegrable bags may also be taken to any of the three Sanitation Convenience Centers:

3033 S. 63rd Street (63rd & Passyunk Ave.)
Domino Lane and Umbria Street
State Road and Ashburner Street

Click here to view a map of Sanitation Convenience Centers or visit the Streets Department website for more information.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas tree collection occurs annually at various locations throughout the city. Click here for a comprehensive tree recycling event list.

Additionally, the City collects Christmas trees for recycling shortly following each holiday season. Visit the Streets Department’s website for details on tree recycling after the holiday season. Please note that all trees collected curbside are treated as rubbish and sent to the landfill, and residents must bring them to designated collection sites to ensure that they are recycled.