Philadelphia Recycling Bins

Help, I need a bin!

The City of Philadelphia provides free recycling containers (blue bins or buckets) for residents. Here’s where you can get your hands on one of them.  The City typically distributes one recycling container per resident.  We suggest calling the city at 215-685-(RECY)CLE or 215-685-7329 before you head out to pick one up just to ensure that they have bins available.

Also keep an eye out for your local RecycleNOW chapter distributing bins in your neighborhood.

But don’t worry if getting to one of the bin distribution centers is difficult for you or if you haven’t seen a friendly RecycleNOW chapter member distributing bins in your neighborhood lately.  You can still recycle at the curb!

DIY Recycling Container

You don’t need an official City recycling container in order to recycle curbside in Philadelphia. You can make your own. Any sturdy plastic or metal container that holds 20 gallons or less will do. Just mark it clearly with the word "RECYCLING" or place a city-issued "RECYCLING" sticker on it, and you’re ready to go.

Hint: This is also a good way to put out your extra recyclables if you find that they don’t all fit in your official City recycling container.